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In the Digital Age we live in, knowing your way around a computer is not an option, it's a necessity. We rely on computers for communication, shopping, socialising, and above all else, for work. In fact, many jobs these days require you to be competent with a range of different computer programs in order to even be considered adequately trained for the position. 

At The Cyber Institute (TCI), we can help you fine-tune your computer skills with our online computer courses. Our courses are geared towards introducing you to various programs and software that are popular in business, and making you confident in their use.

From the beginner to advanced levels, we can coach you in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Lotus Notes and more. Our courses are broken down into step-by-step modules for easier understanding and you can complete each module at your own pace. There are no set course durations and no boring content - we're dedicated to offering flexible, engaging and effective learning solutions.

Enrol with TCI today and improve your computer skills via fun and interesting learning programs. Call 1300 882 465 or fill out our online contact form for more information.



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